Residential for Year 6 in November 2017

Year 6 Residential Visit – PGL Boreatton Park, Shropshire.

8th to 10th November 2017


Last year’s Year 6 residential visit was a great success and both the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This year we have provisionally organised for the children in Year 6 to attend a residential centre in Shropshire. The benefits of changing centres will be that the children will be able to embark upon their adventures sooner than in previous years. They will also benefit from arriving at the centre earlier in the day and participate in more activities whilst at the centre.

We believe that outdoor education is an important part of every child’s education. A residential visit is a fabulous opportunity for children to develop their independence and social skills before moving to secondary school. It helps build character and develop team working skills.

PGL Boreatton Park is located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside, the impressive 250 acres activity centre ensures that there is everything we need to keep our Year 6 children busy, with plenty of adventure activities on land and water.

The visit would start at around 10.00am on Wednesday when the children leave school and they will return on the Friday afternoon just before home time. The children will be given three superb meals a day with plenty of choice on offer and will have evening entertainment on Wednesday and Thursday nights. During the day and into early evening pupils will partake in a range of adventure activities such as abseiling, climbing etc. The exact choice of activities and timetable will be available in September to share with parents and carers. In the meantime you may like to visit the PGL website to have a look at the range of activities available.

We have booked for two nights, like last year to make the cost more manageable for our families and to reduce the time away from school and home for both children and staff. The cost of the visit is £125 plus transport costs. However the governors of Somerville Federation feel strongly about wanting as many Year 6 children to attend the residential as possible that they have reduced the voluntary contribution from you for your child to attend to £100.

Residential visits are reliant upon voluntary contributions from parents and carers to allow them to take place. However, if this residential visit cannot be funded without voluntary contributions, the governing body wish to make it clear that the residential visit will unfortunately have to be cancelled. There is no obligation to pay for a residential visit. However without your voluntary contributions and the support of staff giving up their own time, preparing for the visit and being away from their own families for a number of days; these visits cannot take place.

At the moment we have only made a provisional booking. If we are unable to secure voluntary deposits by the deadline set then we will have to cancel the visit for all pupils, as we would not wish to exclude individuals. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely we will be able to accept anybody else onto the visit after the deadline for deposits as places are limited at the residential centre. A commitment by the deadline of 27th April 2017 if you wish your child to attend therefore needs to be made. Please make an appointment with the deputy headteacher, before the deadline, if you would like your child to attend but may struggle to meet the payment plan.

If you would like to find out more about the residential visit there will be two information meetings in school on Wednesday 19th April at 2.30 or 5.00pm. We trust that these two times will enable as many parents and carers to attend as possible. The meeting should only last for approximately 30 minutes.

If you would like your child to attend the residential visit please return the agreement form and NON REFUNDABLE deposit to school no later than Thursday 27th April 2017. We will then be able to let you know if we have received enough voluntary contributions to make the visit viable.

If we cancel the visit due to not receiving enough voluntary contributions, then any deposits paid will be returned in full.

Once the deposit and agreement form have been returned to school you are committing to pay the remaining voluntary contributions for your child by Thursday 14th September 2017.

Payment Plan and Deadlines



Thursday 27th April 2017



Thursday 8th June 2017


Thursday 20th July 2017


Thursday 14th September

(Second week back after holidays)


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