School closure update

Update from Somerville Federation: 22nd January 2021.


Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you everyone for working so hard at home to encourage your child to engage with the home learning. We recognise that this is a difficult time but I just wanted to say what a fabulous job you are all doing. We are seeing some fantastic examples of work and effort from the children on a daily basis. Thank you also to the staff for ensuring you and your child are supported during this challenging time as well.


For those whose children are still attending the Nursery and Primary School we thank you for adhering to the guidelines and keeping our families in school safe. Please ensure that you continue to wear a face covering or mask when collecting or dropping off your child. If you are exempt please ensure that you stay socially distant from children and adults to ensure that you, your family and others remain safe.


At the Primary School the high rate of infection in our community is being reflected in our school this week as we have had to close two year group bubbles. 24 children and five adults are now self-isolating as a consequence. We look forward to our Year 1 critical worker and vulnerable children bubble returning from their isolation on Monday 25th January and the Year 2 bubble returning from their isolation on Monday 1st February.


If your child becomes poorly, has symptoms or if there are COVID infections in the family household please ensure your child also has a COVID test and that you inform either of our schools of the outcome of the test as soon as possible. This will help us to protect all of our families who send their children to school. We need to be able to protect all of our vulnerable children and adults from the infection by being able to inform them to isolate and get tested when required without delay.


Stay at Home.


Continue to stay home this applies to your child as well as yourself. If you are a critical worker and another adult is at home then your child does not need to come to school, keep your child safe at home to reduce the number of families mixing in the classroom. Home continues to be the safest place for everyone at the moment.


Critical Worker and Vulnerable Children Places at the Primary School


We have now offered all places to those children of parents who are critical workers at the Primary School and are unable to allocate any further places at this present time due to the number of children and adults on the school site at any one time. If your circumstances change and you need a place because you become a critical worker then please email the  we will then consider your child’s place when one becomes available. Likewise if you no longer need a place and you have organised alternative childcare arrangements please let the school office know so that a place can be given to another child. Please do not hold onto these places unnecessarily.





Contacting the school.


Please remember both schools continue to be contactable on or . If you have any issues at all please get in touch and rest assured we will respond to you.


Remote learning, devices and working from home.


We have now given out over 100 devices, either a Chromebook or an iPad. We apologise if you are still waiting on an iPad as we have had difficulty trying to get hold of these to issue to parents. I have been in touch with the DFE every day to inform them that we are in desperate need for more devices and we are still waiting for more to be issued. We have now used up all of the devices we have available which can be used from home.

If you are still in need of a device please email the school office and your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list. We will get these to you as soon as possible.


Free Wi-Fi


Free BT Wi-Fi-If anyone needs access to Wi-Fi___33, I have ordered 60 free BT Wi-Fi___33 codes to access Wi-Fi___33 from home if you are within range of a BT Wi-Fi___33 connection. To check if your postcode is in a BT connection area click here Check BT Wi-Fi coverage here

Free Vodafone data - I also have 200 Mobile Broadband SIM cards with 30 GB of data on each one for 90 days. These sim cards need to go into a mobile device and then you would be able to turn the mobile device into a personal hotspot so that your Chromebook, iPad or other device could connect to it.

A number of other companies our offering increased data on mobile networks to support remote learning see list below.

Free School Meal Vouchers


Free School Meal vouchers were issued on Monday to Parents and Carers of eligible children for benefits related free school meals. You should now have received £15 voucher code for each child. If you have not received your voucher code yet please check your SPAM and JUNK folder first before contacting the school. Please remember that you need to use your voucher code online before going to get your shopping.


1.         Go to

2.         Enter the unique 16-digit eCode

3.         Select your chosen supermarket and check out

4.         Your eGift cards will arrive by email within 24 hours


Free school meal vouchers will continue to be issued to all benefits related free school meal eligible children weekly.


A special thank you to Forshaws MA Ltd (Our food delivery service) for donating 7 of the hampers which have been paid for by kind hearted members of the public and insisted they go to our vulnerable  families in our Federation.


Meals for those children in school


If you have chosen to claim your £15 free school meal voucher please ensure that you provide your child with a packed lunch. If your child is entitled to free school meals and you have decided you do not want the voucher, your child will be given a free lunch when they are in school, we will then calculate any money owing to you in multiples of £5 each week and get this to you via the national voucher scheme. Remember that M and S are currently offering an additional £5 for every £15 FSM voucher used in their store.


If you wish to pay for your child to have a school lunch at a cost of £2.30 a day we are now able to do this and you will be charged via parent pay for every meal your child takes when in school.


Please remember that if your circumstances have recently changed or you did not realise that your child was not registered for benefits related free school meals please click on this link and apply for free school meals for your child.


We are now at the end of our third week of the current lockdown. If you need any support at home or are in need of any food items please contact the school and we will do our best to support you.


Keep safe everyone!

Mr M J Forber

Executive Headteacher

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