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This page will be updated when required with important information relating to COVID-19 at both of our Federation schools.

COVID-19 positve cases.

At the Nursery School. 0 member of staff and 0 child.

At the Primary School. 1 member of staff, 

Reception: 0 child

Y1: 0 children

Year 2: 0 children

Y3: 0 children

Y4: 0 children

Y5: 0 children 

Y6: 0 children 


UPDATED 25th February 2022

Please note: Any staff members or children indicated above are isolating as per the current guidance.

*The above data is for information only to support our community in monitoring symptoms of their own children and families.

Please monitor your child for symptoms and get them tested as soon as possible if you suspect they have COVID-19 symptoms.

If your child tests positve please ensure that they isolate for five days, testing on day 5 and day 6. If they continue to be postive they should continue to isolate until day 10.

It is inevitable with the rate of infection within our community currently increasing that Somerville Federation with over 100 staff and 600 children would be impacted since our return to school in September. If an outbreak occurs additional measures will be put in place as per the current guidance and following our contingency risk assessment. 

We therefore ask all our families to be vigilant and when you suspect a member of your family has Covid-19 symptoms to get them tested and inform the school as soon as possible if they test positive to ensure that we can update our other families in school and follow our risk assessment regarding any possible contingency plans if there is an outbreak amongst classes.

You will also find below our risk assessments for both schools, one relates to our return to school and the other relates to contingency planning in case of several cases at either school or additional measures which may need to be implemented.


My child has tested positive for COVID-19 – how long do they have to stay away from Somerville Nursery School or Somerville Primary School for?

All children and staff - have to isolate for a minimum of five full days after the day of a positive test before then going back to school if they have tested negative twice.

The first full day of isolation is considered to be the day following the positive test. Following the fifth full day of isolation – on the sixth day - it will be possible for people who have received two negative LFD tests on consecutive days to go back to school.

People who have tested positive can now take two LFD tests on day 5 and day 6, and if both are negative and they do not have a temperature, they can end their self-isolation on day 6 and return to their education setting immediately.

If either test is positive, they should continue to self-isolate until they get negative results from two LFD tests on consecutive days or until they have completed 10 full days of self-isolation, whichever is earliest

In practice it means that if a child or teacher tests positive on a Saturday, that would be considered day 0. They could then take tests on the morning of Thursday (day 5) and Friday (day 6). If they tested negative on both days and did not have a temperature they would be then able to return to school on the Friday.

The new rules apply to people who are already isolating – so if someone was already isolating before Thursday, they could still follow the example above and as long as they have taken LFD tests on day 5 and 6 and they’re both negative and they have no temperature they can end their isolation

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