Where are they now?

We are constructing a page to share with our school community. We are interested in where previous pupils who have attended Somerville Primary School are now. If you know someone who would be interested in sharing where they are now and what they are doing, please ask them to get in touch. A few short sentences and photograph would help this page to develop.

Peter Thomasen attended Somerville from Year 3 - Year 6, my final year was 2008-2009. I was in Mrs Higby's first class and I played a main part in the leaver's performance that Mrs Higby had organized, taking inspiration from her old school. I attended St. Anselms until year 8 and then I moved near London and attended a different Grammar school. I am now a software developer and tester for an education company. It is amazing to see Mrs Higby still works at Somerville, I also remember my neighbouring class run by Mrs Sheridan. Some of my fondest memories are at Somerville, my love for computers originated at Somerville and most likely laid a path for my future career. I hope the school is still as musical as I remember it.

My name is Sue Ashley (Nee Wakley) and I was at Somerville Primary between 1971 and 1976. Miss Lloyd was the Headteacher back then. My favourite lessons were needlework and maths and my favourite teacher was Mrs Marshall. I am now a manager in Wirral Council and my main role is to provide a Financial Support Service for schools in Wirral. I was glad I learnt to do my sums when I was at school as it is really important in my job.







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