Elm Class- Greek Food Day

Class: Elm Year: 2016-2017

We had lots of fun on our Greek day. First we learnt how to carefully chop vegetables to make a Greek salad. Our Greek salad had feta cheese, peppers, onions, olives and tomatoes in it. It was delicious, although some people did not enjoy eating the onion.

After that we learnt how to make a Greek dish called tzatziki. Later on, we researched which shop would be the cheapest for us to buy the ingredients from. We discovered that Asda was the cheapest overall. After a long, tiring day chopping vegetables and mixing ingredients together, we had a Greek banquet. We ate yummy olives, tangy sundried tomatoes, cous cous and pita bread. We dipped our pitta bread into the tzatziki we made. It was delightful.